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This is Getting Wheelie Daft!

Longer Version of the Wheelie Bin Crowd Surf Disaster
(Sorry About the Sound Quality it was filmed by a posh Punk Tom Appleton)
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The Download Festival Wheelie Bin Crowd Surf Disaster

This is why they tell you not to crowd surf… It nearly was the last gig I ever did!!
Comedian Bob Slayer Breaks Neck Crowd Surfing in Wheelie Bin @ Download Festival
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Classic Rock
Download Comedian Breaks Neck In Crowd Surfing Stunt and Doesn’t Even Realise

Wheelie Stupid – Comedian Bob Slayer has fractured his neck after crowd-surfing in a wheelie bin at the Download Festival.

“So I am at Download Festival doing a crowd surf in a wheelie bin… I think I have mastered health and safety with my new exoskeleton… Alas I am dropped out of the bin onto my head… (Spiky Mike the Download Comedy Promoter tells me I should have known that Castle Donnington area bins are always emptied on Thursdays). The wheely bin keeps on surfing and ends up back on the stage, as per the plan but I am lay in the mud with a mega winding… My gig ends a little short but someone nice prescribes Dr Jack Daniels and all is fine…”

“The next day I wake up in someone elses wet tent. I’m in a bunch of pain but thats nothing out the ordinary for a festival. I go back to London for Martin Soan’s Pull The Other One Comedy Cabaret where I co-compere with Stephen Frost… When I wake up the next morning my neck is getting worse but I have to do a days filming riding a tandem around Chelsea… This is when accident no 2 of the weekend happens…

“Early in the Random Tandem shoot I do a big collide with a pedestrian and dislocate my thumb. Now that really hurts and it keeps popping out again. Fortunately the cameraman is also a Mountain Rescue Man. I am in safe hands. He straps me up and we complete the shoot… Then we have Fish & Chips followed by A&E. They X-ray my hand, the diagnosis is that it is a quite a bit knackered. I am plastered up. They ask about my neck, I tell them about the wheelie bin, more X-Rays and more bad news: I have cracked a vertabrae… Crikey!
I now have a neck brace and a pot on my hand but fortunatelty I also have some lovely pain killers!”

“The last time I broke my back was in 1992 when a horse landed on me and crushed a couple of vertebra. That pretty much put an end to my time as a jockey… (well that and the fact that I ate all the pies). But this is going to end nothing – apart from maybe crowd surfing in wheelie bins – those days are behind me now…
If you weren’t there then you missed The Finest Wheelie Bin Crowd Surf You will Ever See ™!”

-Yes drink was involved…

Look I am proper cracked up – I need to plug some gigs and pay for my pain killers some how!!

7pm daily in August – Alternative Fringe @ The Hive
I am sure this series of incidents may find their way into my show at Edinburgh Fringe “Bob Slayer is a Very Naughty Boy” which will probably also feature stories about getting banned from Perth World Fringe Festival in Australia for ‘drunken antics’, Adelaide Fringe Festival for ‘being an idiot’ and various other events, some of which are yet to happen.

– So if you cant wait until Edinburgh Fringe or don’t care for the weather up there here are some gigs I will be doing in a neck brace!
Weds 13th June – KNOCK2BAG in Shepherds Bush
(I’m not allowed to tell you the Secret Guest but he is an ex Doctor who is on TV all the time with big collars! Burp!)

Mon 9th July – PULL The Other One, Herne Hill with Trevor Lock
(This is my one and only Edinburgh Preview in my fav club – I don’t believe in them!)

Sat 14th July – Stand Up @ The Brewery
Scottish Borders Brewery, Jedburgh, Scotland

– this August at Edinburgh Fringe:-
Phil Kay, Greatest Show on Legs, Bob Slayer, Trevor Lock, Lach: Up The Anti, Devvo, John Robertson, Lewis Schaffer, Nick Sun, Aidan Killian, Laura Levites, Queens of AntiFolk, David Mills, Twonkeys Kingdom etc

– The Palm Treee in Mile End Park


“MORE than just a comedy act, Bob Slayer took us on an unorthodox, improv journey into his outrageous psyche…” Sunday Times (Perth) FULL REVIEW
“British Comedian has had his Perth Fringe shows cancelled after he was drunk on stage and carried off by security guards…” Western Australian
“They came, they saw, they rooted a goat…” Coober Pedy Dusty FM
“A sheer explosion of comedy…” Roxby Downs Sun
“Alternately very crude and endearingly shambolic… love it” Rip It Up
“Shambolic comedic genius…” Peter Goers, ABC Radio (Adelaide)
“Bob Slayer is the embodiment of Fringe entertainment, and love him or hate him, he’s flying home soon. Give him the send-off he deserves!” Adelaide Tweet FULL REVIEW

Bob Slayer Review in ThreeWeeks – Ed Fringe 2011

ED2011 Comedy Review: Bob Slayer’s Marmite Gameshow – Free (Dress Code: Drunk and Naked / Laughing Horse Free Festival)
At least half of what the company’s name appeared to promise was fulfilled, as Bob Slayer necked back pint after pint of Jagerbomb, leading to such hilarious impromptu audience interactions as “shout out what part of the story the comedian was up to before he got distracted”. Pervading the show is a sense that whatever enters Slayer’s head at that moment becomes the show, thereby promising a new experience each time. At the time I saw him, Slayer was in the middle of so-called “Cockgate”, where he found himself in trouble with the council for encouraging audiences to stick phallic stickers on other comedians’ posters. Despite this seemingly unscripted calamity, there was still plenty of lunacy to keep the audience entertained.

Laughing Horse at The Hive, 4 – 28 Aug (not 23), times vary, free, fpp51.
tw rating 4/5

The Scotsman mentions me doing Children’s Shows in a feature

I did some Comedy shows for Kids in Edinburgh 2011, I really enjoyed them and they went rather well. The Scotsman came along as part of a feature on The Fringe’s most unlikely children’s entertainers…

Bob Slayer in The Spectator

…a bald middle-aged man sprinted past me. He had an impressive beer gut and a scarlet shirt and he was running full tilt down the Royal Mile shouting, ‘I don’t care! I don’t care any more!’ and flinging handfuls of flyers backwards over his head. ‘I don’t care any more!’ It worked. Even rival leafleters pick up his flyer. ‘Bob Slayer’s Marmite Gameshow,’ it said. The performance, at the Hive in Niddry Street, unfolded in conditions of artless disarray. There was no gameshow. There was no Marmite. There was simply Bob Slayer at the mike, haranguing the audience with camp improvisations, and yelling ‘Mervyn! A pint!’ whenever his glass ran dry.

He bribed an Ulsterman to dress as Freddie Mercury and perform Queen songs. That took up 97 per cent of the act. For his finale, he invited volunteers to injure him with darts. A punter stood up and took aim. ‘Sir, before you kill me,’ said Bob Slayer to his would-be slayer, ‘may I ask what you do?’ ‘I’m just back from Afghanistan,’ said the volunteer. ‘I’m an army sharpshooter.’ He flung. He scored. The dart sailed through the air and lodged in the target’s left thigh just below his belt. The now-perforated Bob Slayer looked down at his piercing with a quizzical expression. It had hit him in the wallet. ‘How shite has this show been!’ he observed as he wrapped things up. ‘Come back tomorrow and see if it’s this shite again.’

Bob Slayer is probably not an O2-filler but his brand of insane merriment seemed to encapsulate the Edinburgh mood. He had charm and hope and nothing to lose. The realm of the down-and-out is full of strange attractions because people who dream of a better place are, as the sages tell us, already in a better place than the better place they yearn for.

Full article:

Scotsman Review – Kate Costick

Almost guaranteed to give you a memorable disaster to add to your Fringe memorabilia, Bob Slayer is the ultimate Off-Off-Fringe performer. He appears only to have the vaguest notion what is going on, is distracted by absolutely everything and rarely gets through an entire show. What he does do with impressive dedication and efficiency is drink.

We, the audience, are encouraged to buy him drinks and, such is the immense likeability of the man that we do. He is loveably genial and irresistibly friendly. The actual structure of his Marmite Gameshow is almost imperceptible within the audience banter, the rambling anecdotes of his time in the music business and his chats with the venue’s technicians and (more often) bar staff. But never let it be said Slayer is not dedicated to entertaining you, his audience.

When the Gameshow finally gets going it seems mainly to consist of members of the audience hurling (real) darts at Slayer in an attempt to score points. Crazy, shambolic but great fun, shows like this are, for me, a vital part of the Fringe experience. Go on, buy the man a Jaegermeister and have a giggle.

Bizarre Heroes

Bizarre did a feature on Heroes of Alternative Comedy

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Battered on TalkSport

I was interviewed by Matt Forde on Talk Sport on Sat 4th Dec. I am talking about the Rock & Roll Comedy tour – it was recorded at midnight after the gig in Cheltenham and so I am a little battered:
(5:30 to 6:00 – interview starts @ 19:30)

Awards / Press – Edinburgh 2010

Nomination – MALCOLM HARDEE AWARD for Comic Originality

Winner – Fringe For Locals – Pick of The Fringe Award
“The most talked about show amongst our members… A unique and joyous experience that is so unpredictable it is scary…”

“I LOVED this show… good-natured bad behaviour by a very funny man who downs pints in a way that makes Jim Jefferies look like Gyles Brandreth.” Kate Copstick in The Scotsman:

“An act clearly more drunk than the audience…” Three Weeks

“Bob Slayer’s gobsmackingly anarchic Punk Rock Chat Show is the pure unadulterated spirit of the true Fringe…” Whatsonstage:

“Bob Slayer worked through his paying guests with amazing skill, incredibly rude comedy, outrageous stories and scenes which left us emotionally scarred, yet in fits of laughter…” Three Weeks

“Go and see Fringe stalwart Stewart Lee, rising star Andrew Lawrence and exciting fringe newcomer Bob Slayer…” The Metro Pick of The Fringe:

“This is what happens when real rock, comedy and a lot of drink mix together, and it should never be any other way.” Three Weeks

“Full of energy and daring, eager to get amongst the audience…” The New Current

Bob Slayer’s Punk Rock Chat Show @ Edinburgh Fringe

A review from Simon Donald (the Man from Viz):
“Bob Slayer’s gigs are made of the stuff that, although once commonplace in alternative comedy, is sadly hard to find nowadays… They are unpredictable, joyfully, silly and as likely to go horribly wrong as they are to succeed magnificently… A sublime shambles that is not just another night out, but an experience you’re unlikely to forget.”

6:15pm @ The Hive (313)
15 – 17 Niddry Street, EH1 1LG (5th to 22nd Aug)

“Wild liberating banter, games and stories from a rock’n’roll tour manager who has travelled the world with Stooges, Electric Eel Shock, Bloodhound Gang etc. Punk rock comedy: no rules, no limits, no refunds!

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Review in Bath – More drunken Henry Rollins

A nice review from Bath:
“Bob Slayer, manager of Japanese Rock band Electric Eel Shock, commenced to tear it apart with his chaotic, improvised style and crazily rude and in your face way a kin to maybe Frankie Boyle but definitely Henry Rollins, although far more drunk and disorderly.”,-jimbo-and-dynamite-p/