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January European Tour – Fat Jockey

Bob Slayer: Fat Jockey* European Tour
– January 2016

Thu 7th – Amsterdam (NL) Nutty Anitas (Club Gig)
Fri 8th – Oosterhout (NL) Theater de Schelleboom*
Sat 9th – Kortrijk (B) Cafe deDingen*
Sun 10th – Eeklo (B) Cafe Pinguin*
Mon 11th – Wageningen (NL) Theater de Wilde Wereld*
Tue 12th – Breda (NL) De Avenue*
Wed 13th – Rotterdam (NL) Studio de Bakkerij*
Thu 14th – Gent (B) Cafe Villa Volta*
Fri 15th – Hoorn (NL) Het Pakhuis Theater*
Sat 16th – Leiden (NL) Vrijplaats*
Sun 17th – Lelystad (NL) Theater Posa*
Sun 17th – Antwerpen (B) Cafe The Joker*
Mon 18th – Utrecht (NL) Cafe Hofman*
Thu 21st – Berlin (DE) Bar 1820 (How To Bully A Welshman)
Fri 22nd – Berlin (DE) Bar 1820*

Fri 29th – London (UK) BlundaBus Hackney Road*

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Get on board Bob’s BlundaBus

We’ve bought a Bus! We’ve bought a Bus!
The Double Decker venue that can Pop Up Anywhere…
Destination Edinburgh via Anywhere that invites us & Everywhere that doesn’t!
#DingDing – Room for one on top?

Fat Jockey: London Previews

Once upon a time Bob was a Jockey…
Really? Surely he’s too tall? Too fat? How big was the flippin’ horse?
Presenting Bob’s origin story: pre-comedy (Malcolm Hardee Award winner), pre-touring with bands (Bloodhound Gang, Electric Eel Shock, Snoop Dogg) and pre-eating all the pies, Bob could’ve won the Grand National!
‘Hilarious anecdotal ramblings of an increasingly drunk man’ (

Bob Slayer: Fat Jockey
bob fat Jockey square

This is a show I have been promising to do ever since I started comedy in 2007 / 2008…
I don’t really believe in previews… This show came out pretty whole first time I did it at Leicester Comedy Festival and I have tweaked it at both Glasgow and Melbourne Comedy Festivals.
I will do a few shows in London before taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe…
I’m more proud of how this is shaping up than anything else I have done (and that includes my onstage prostate examination!)

Weds 6th – London The Finsbury Manor House = Bob Slayer: Fat Jockey
Tue 12th – London Backyard Comedy Club = Bob Slayer: Fat Jockey
Wed 3rd – London The Finsbury Manor House = Bob Slayer: Fat Jockey
Sun 12th – London Crack Comedy Southbank (Slug & Lettuce) = Bob Slayer: Fat Jockey

Bob Slayer: Chortle Fast Fringe

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Heroes: Grotto of Comedy

I am Santa-Geddon behind
With Stewart Lee, Josie Long, John Kearns, Arthur Smith, Weirdos Panto etc

Holland, Belgium & Germany Here I Come

Hello Holland
– it is good to be back – are you ready for Bob’s Bollocks?
Also coming to Belgium and Germany…
WHO’s THE BOB TOUR (November)
Wed 5th – NL Arnhem @ Het Posttheater
Thu 6th – BE Gent @ Cafe Villa Nolta
Fri 7th – NL Ede @ Perron 31
Sat 8th – NL Amsterdam @ Comedy Theater
Sun 9th – NL Utrecht @ Cafe Hofman
Tue 11th – DE Berlin @ Sameheads
Wed 12th – DE Berlin @ Bar 1820 (solo show)
Thu 13th – DE Berlin @ Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon
Fri 14th – NL Hoorn @ Theatre Pakhuis
Sun 16th – BE Antwerpen Cafe The Joker

All shows with the wonderful Westsaid aka Mohamed Said El Hassnaoui

Bob Slayer @ Edinburgh Fringe 2014

I love August and I will be running two venues again
Bob & Miss Behave’s Bookshop
Where we have our own bar selling lovely craft beer and you will find me every day
As well as Heroes @ The Hive
The line ups for both venues can be found here

Bookshop Logo Web

IndieRound (Fool Members Club)
With Bob Slayer & Tim Fitzhigham
In The Bookshop Midnight to 3am – The best way to end every day


Two Guys, One Goat – Gary The Goat, Jimbo & Bob Slayer

Three friends, one of whom happens to be a goat go in search of the real Australia… Gary The Goat, Jimbo & Bob Slayer find Coober Pedy, Roxby Downs and more… Oh so much more…
YouTube Preview Image

Jimbo & Gary on Facebook

Japan Is A Country Where I Am (Part 1)

Day 1 – We arrive in Kumamoto after 24 hours traveling. We took a flight from London to Tokyo then several Shinkansen (bullet trains), some of them were even the right ones…
This is the reason why we are here our friends Kaori and Jamie are getting married. Kaori was in a London based Japanese two piece band called Yumi Yumi. They both helped me out lots in the early days of managing Electric Eel Shock. After that band Kaori joined mercury award nominated The Go Team as guitarist, keyboardist and occasional vocalist. Jamie was the bass player.
The wedding is in a Shinto shrine at the base of the impressive Kumamoto castle. The shrine is a busy place with many sidelines, the most interesting of which is the succession of new cars turning up to be blessed before they go out on the road. Is this an alternative to Insurance? Business idea to take home no 1.
The highlight of the wedding food is a plate of raw horse meat, a local delicacy, apparently dating back to the Satsuma rebellion, when the castle was under siege and it was all they had left to eat. But they don’t leave it to last any more as it is delicious. I’ll never watch the Grand National in the same way again. The dumplings were pretty good as well.
Day 3 – where did day 2 disappear? A Booze and a jetlag fug? We have now made it to Kyoto. We hire bikes and tour the town… Lots of temples, but no idea what they all are as we have left the guidebook and map in the hotel in an effort to not look like tourists. Decide that we just look like shit tourists and so retire to a local ‘boozer’ and dumplings with the plan on resuming tomorrow with both items.
Day 4 – We get up at 7am, still not used to Japanese times, but this allows us to get out before most of the other tourists do. We go to two temples. The first (Kiyomizudera Temple) was beautiful even though much of it was being renovated, the second, (The Golden Palace) despite living up to its name and being completely covered in gold was less so, largely because the grockles had arisen. Time for Dumplings and sake…
Day 5 – today we are in Settsu-shi near Osaka at the house of Aki Morimoto otherwise known as front man of Electric Eel Shock. He has produced a little boy since I saw him last and Taira (3) and I bond over sword fighting and cartoons of Anpanman. Japan’s most popular anime for kids where all the characters have heads made out of different flavoured breads. In between episodes he eats, this child is a champion eater. I also build a 7 foot Lego tower.
Day 6 – Osaka speciality food is Takoyaki and Okonimaki = octopus batter balls and a savoury pancake made with chopped cabbage. Both are covered in mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce. It seems that although Japan spent a lot of its history closed off from the outside world some imports made a big influence 150 years ago. The pan in Anpanman comes from the Portuguese for bread, barbershop poles are red and white, and the Japanese for suit is Savillrow.
Day 7 – we left Osaka this morning and we are now in Tokyo. We have traversed the metro and local trains to get to Akabane where Gian (aka Tomoharu Ito), Electric Eel Shock’s drummer lives. We eat dumplings and drink sake in a restaurant that I recognise from my last visit before setting off to find his house…
I realise this last instalment lacks the excitement of other updates but at least It leaves you on a cliff hanger… Will I remember how to find our way to Gian’s house or will we be sleeping rough?
(to be continued)

An excerpt of this appeared on john Flemings blog
He didn:t use all of it as he is not my personal blogger, he is Lewis Schaffer`s

Coming next?:
Day 8? – Kazuto Maekawa, EES bass player has set up a comedy show in a Tokyo venue called Tabassa. It will feature Tokyo based comedian Spring Day who has performed in Heroes venues at the Edinburgh Fringe and EES drummer GIAN…

Bob Slayer is on A Mission!

Profile in the Leicester Mercury

Bearded Bob Slayer’s no stranger to Leicester and we’ve certainly seen plenty of him. Last year, at a packed De Montfort Hall, the veteran of the comedy festival ran amok among the audience, even scaling the balcony, whilst entirely naked.


He likes to do things differently, does Bob. So when he started putting on shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, he didn’t fancy frittering away thousands of pounds or stifling his comedy creativity. “My background was promoting, touring with artists such as The Bloodhound Gang, Iggy Pop and Snoop Dog, before I got into comedy,” he says.

“When I started going to Edinburgh, people would tell acts to not to expect to make any money. I thought that was crazy. There are 2 million tickets sold at Edinburgh Fringe, so someone is making money! Why not the acts?”. So much money is wasted on excessive marketing, huge posters, venue fees, agents, PR etc so that with everyone taking a cut there is nothing left for the performer. Bob realised the only way to attack the situation was to set up his own bar and venue. So, as well as putting on a show, he had his own venue where other acts perform and importantly by keeping costs down and ticket prices reasonable the acts could earn from the takings from ticket sales. While punters get reasonably priced shows.


It was a success. An award-winning concept, at that. But in order to recreate this magic in Leicester, Bob would need a pop-up venue of grand proportions. He found it in Hansom Hall.
“When I first walked in, oh, it felt great,” he gushes.“It’s amazing how many people round here don’t know it as Hansom Hall, but rather the ‘old library opposite Fenwick’s’.”
Hansom Hall was built in 1845 by the late, great architect, Joseph Aloysius Hansom, who was also the inventor of the Hansom Cab. It started out as a baptist church, but later became part of the Leicester College of Adult Education in the 50’s. And Bob’s “heroes” are taking up residence in this impressive partially restored Victorian chapel throughout the festival.

Heroes at Hansom Hall will be home to ground breaking and riotous nights of story-telling, where utter chaos will reign. Of course, a venue needs beer, and Bob has got “like-minded” Scottish brewery, Brewdog, onboard. “They make a stand against commercially-produced lager – they too won’t accept the status quo,” he says. “We feel a real affinity with our sponsor. It’s a fun relationship…”
Of course, getting a licence and everything else that goes with popping up a venue, is a rigmarole and a risk. But the comedy festival has supported Bob and his heroes all the way.
“I’m really excited,” he says. “I’ve watched the festival grow over the years, which has a lot to do with the people behind it, such as Geoff Rowe, and then Dave coming in and giving it strength. Now, we’ve joined in and got this amazing venue and a fantastic line-up of acts with a concept that enables the performers to keep all the money from their ticket sales.”


The divinely diverse line-up includes comedy legend Phil Kay (Qi, Russell Howard’s Good News and his own Channel 4 series in the 90’s), Tim Fitzhigham, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, Vive Le Cabaret, Devvo the internet phenomenon, Mr Methane, Tom Binns creations Ian D Montfort and Ivan Brackenbury, The Weirdos Pantomime, mind reader Doug Segal, Brian Gittins from the sitcom Derek, 80 year old Lynn Ruth Miller and – yikes – Jimmy Savile: The Punch and Judy Show.
Bob’s most looking forward to his Cast of Idiots. It’s stories, mayhem and gossip from the festival – a kind of hangout for the comedians. “It’s not so much a gig, but more a happening,” he says. “Leicester is a fantastic platform for this sort of rich and varied cabaret comedy.
“The audiences are understanding and appreciative and the acts are given creative freedom. I didn’t have much trouble persuading people to play here.”
One thing quite unique about Heroes at Hansom Hall is the ticket pricing. Some shows are free, others you pay what you want, while a few are fixed-price tickets.
“People might find a gem they hadn’t expected to, that way,” says Bob.
“I wanted to find creative freedom for myself and the acts, and now, as host, behind the bar, on the door, and jumping in to perform as well, I am on at the Leicester Comedy Festival, 24-7”

NOT The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society

This weekend at Heroes @ Hansom Hall, part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, we had a good sized audience in waiting to see The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society. However all was not well as sadly there was no sign of Johnny Sorrow and his crew who make up this wonderful left field act. Unbeknown to me they had emailed me a few days before to inform me why they wouldn’t be able to make their show, also unbeknown to me I had replied with my sympathies for their unfortunate reasons. This certainly highlights the danger of me responding to my emails late at night after a long session ‘testing’ the Brewdog Beers for our bar…


The upshot of my incompetence was that moments before their allotted stage time I have an odd phone call explaining to me what I should have already known. I turned to Adam Larter of Weirdos fame and explain the situation. I also suggests that we have two options:

“We can either tell them all that the Bob Blackman Appreciation Society has had to cancel and offer to entertain them ourselves OR we can simply go on stage and show them…”
Of course Adam, a fellow lover of a good happening chose the latter course of action which we the threw ourselves into with no further planning required.

I picked up the back stage mic and began a prolonged introduction from behind the wings, which involved asking the room to select one person to count down from 37. When he was finally selected and started I had to repeatedly pause him in order to admonish anyone else who joined in or interupted. Finally as the lone voice reached zero I tooted out:
“You may have seen him before, but never quite like this please welcome the one the only, the very real and original Bob Blackman…”
I bounded out to the closest thing Luke the sound tech could find to “Mule Train”, I think it was Chuck Berry, while repeatedly banging myself over the head with a tin sign for Brewdog Beers. I kept this up for the entirity of the song while Adam occasionally wandered back and forth behind me in nothing but a pair of orange tights.

YouTube Preview Image

When the song ended I asked the audience by way of pig squeal to indicate who had seen The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society before. There were just a couple of squeals and so we pushed on. I introduced them to Adam as little Jonny Blackman and I left the stage. He sat down and slowly silently and to very little reaction ate a bag of skittles that he pulled out of his tights. After maybe 5 minutes of this I came back on stage and asked them to give “little Jonny Blackman” a big round of applause, which oddly they did. After some more nonsense involving random sound effects from Luke the Tech, including a siren that earned the label of silence and requesting sound effect G16 which turned out to be silence, Adam came back onto the stage to confront the confusion:
“I think that maybe you now all know that The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society are unfortunately not able to be here tonight…”
It seems no one believes that a comedian on stage is telling the truth and the confusion continued. I fuelled the confusion further with the statement:
“Which is of course exactly what an act like The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society would say”
“Thank you Bob…” followed Adam “We are Not The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society and we are not here tonight…”
And we continued… for the next hour.
We were supported by more random sound effects from Luke, There was dancing, chair balancing. impersonations of the audience, complete silence and a whole host of other nonsense. I ended up dressed as a sailor while Adam monologued about the nature of comedy as a faux Jason Manford. We labelled one man the Reviewer and chastised him for his inability to understand comedy and recognise that he wasn’t even reviewing the right act.
After about half an hour we had a section we labelled “the low point of the gig”, only to be renamed “the not as low as the following lower point point” this was when we had the first of our 6 walk outs, strangely none of the people who had seen the original were among those 6 although one who stayed clearly wanted to leave but was prevented in doing so by his girlfriend who later told us it was the oddest thing she had ever seen.
Joe Davies, Ben Target and Matt Highton joined in towards the end dressed as a builder a cowboy and a sex god and we did a karaoke singalong of YMCA before we finally announced
“Thank you for coming to the first annual Not The Bob Blackman Appreciation Society meeting…”

I hope that you will be at the next “Not The” gig, possibly next weekend at Heroes @ Hansom Hall.

Heroes Books – Phil Kay, Bob Slayer

Heroes have released some new books which we are very proud of
– You can get them on the Amazon (and you should!)

Phil Kay – The Wholly Viable WHOLLY VIABLE web cover scan Bob Slayer – The Wholly ViableHappy DrunkWEB cover Bob Slayer (2)

2013 – The Year of the Independent Comedian (and Comedienne of course)

I just received a press release that was titled “2013 – The Year of the Comedienne?” and opened with the paragraph “Is this is the year of the comedienne? As class female acts continue to rise to the top of the stand-up circuit, women are getting more and more presence in a somewhat male-dominated comedy arena with female comediennes really seeming to find their footing in 2013…”

Ordinarily such a ridiculous attention grabbing tactic to promote a product would wash over me, however I feel it should be highlighted that they are using this shamefully tabloid title to promote something that is in fact very good… it goes on:
We are looking after the DVD release of The Alternative Comedy Experience Season One, hitting the shelves on 18 November.

The press love to write about male v female comedians, which is obviously the motivation behind this PR, however surely all the comedians involved in this production are those that don’t see women as a separate species? It is also a shame when this somewhat irrelevant topic takes over from highlighting other developments:
Of course it is interesting that two women won major awards at Edinburgh Fringe, I promoted one of them (Adrienne Truscott in our Heroes Venues whoes show was quite accurately described by the Scotsman as “The most powerful hour of comedy on the Fringe” – it sold out two shows in London recently through word of mouth and will do a full run at Soho Theatre next year MORE INFO / GET TICKETS HERE)
However it was surely much more significant that all three of the main Edinburgh award winners performed in independent venues – It is the first year ever that the so called big four venues with their artist crippling pay-to-play model have not had a look in. In my book that makes 2013 the year of Independent Comedian (and comedienne if you really must make a distinction) and is representative of many extremely interesting developments in the world of comedy. Developments that Stewart Lee has been very much at the centre of and has much more relevance to the DVD Comedy Central are promoting.

Maybe I am misguided in this well meaning support for my sisters? But I feel sure that if you ask most women they will tell you they would like to be seen as a funny comedian who just happens to be a woman? However the sort of well meaning generalisation employed here unintentionally adds fuel to the quite frankly redundant “are women funny debate…” it reinforces the erroneous marginalization of women as a sub-genre of comedy and undermines women as being able to just be funny (or not).

I have sent this as a reply to PR man Pete Connell and I am now looking forward to a follow up press release on “Independent Comedy” as well as receiving my review copy of this DVD…